DWSIM is a  CAPE-OPEN compliant Chemical Process Simulator and has an easy-to-use graphical interface with many features previously available only in commercial chemical process simulators.

Runs on all platforms

DWSIM runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

steady-state and dynamic simulations

Parallel Modular Solver for Steady-State and Dynamic Modeling

ADVANCED property packageS


Use the Excel Add-In to do thermodynamic calculations in your Spreadsheet

Create, Load, Modify, Run and Save Flowsheets directly from code

Integrate DWSIM Thermodynamic Models with your software, for free

CAPE-OPEN features (Windows): Thermo 1.0/1.1 Property Package Socket, Thermo 1.1 Property Package Server, Unit Operation Socket and Flowsheet Monitoring Object support. Additionally, DWSIM exposes its Python Script (Custom) Unit Operation for all CAPE-OPEN compliant simulators

Thermodynamic Models: GERG-2008, PC-SAFT, CoolProp, Peng-Robinson, Peng-Robinson (1978), Soave-Redlich-Kwong, Lee-Kesler, Lee-Kesler-Plöcker, UNIFAC, Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund), UNIQUAC, NRTL, Chao-Seader, Grayson-Streed, Raoult’s Law, IAPWS-IF97 Steam Tables, IAPWS-08 Seawater, Black-Oil, Sour Water and Aqueous Electrolytes

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation: PID Controller, Event Scheduler, Monitored Variables, Configurable Integrator, Cause-and-Effect Matrices, Control Panel (Real-Time) Mode, Indicators, Analog and Digital Gauges, Input Fields and Switches

Unit Operations (Steady-State): Mixer, Splitter, Separator, Pump, Compressor, Expander, Heater, Cooler, Valve, Pipe Segment, Shortcut Column, Heat Exchanger, Conversion/Equilibrium/Gibbs Reactors, PFR, CSTR, Component Separator, Orifice Plate, Distillation/Absorption Columns, Solids Separator, Cake Filter, Spreadsheet, Python Script and Flowsheet Unit Operation

Unit Operations (Dynamics): Mixer, Splitter, Separator, Pump, Compressor, Expander, Heater, Cooler, Valve, PFR, CSTR, Heat Exchanger, Spreadsheet and Python Script

Utilities: Phase Envelope, Hydrate Calculations, Pure Component Properties, Critical Point, PSV Sizing, Vessel Sizing, Spreadsheet and Petroleum Cold Flow Properties

Tools: PID Controller Tuning, Binary Data Regression, Compound Creator, Bulk C7+ and Distillation Curves Petroleum Characterization and Reactions Manager

Process Analysis: Multivariate Constrained Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis utility

Extras: Python/IronPython Scripting System and Plugins Interface



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